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High-Energy Dogs,
by Tracy Libby
(TFH Publications, Inc. 2009)

Many of today's most popular dog breeds are high drive and high energy in nature. Their intelligence and exuberant personalities make them attractive family pets, but too many owners are unprepared for their breed's natural drives and endless stamina. High-Energy Dogs provides owners with the tools to manage their dogs' diverse physical and mental needs in a positive and fun way.

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 Desert Sage Agility, Bend, Oregon
Farmhand Feed, Cottage Grove, Oregon
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                                                  Second Edition Now Available


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Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby
(Alpine Publications 2002)

  •  2002 Dog Writers' Association of America Maxwell Award Winner

Anderson unveils ten essential building blocks that will turn a puppy into a highly motivated, enthusiastic, confident performance dog.


Available through 
Alpine Publications
Desert Sage Agility, Bend, Oregon
or anywhere books are sold.


Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award Winner

The Australian Shepherd
Tracy Libby

A product of the American West, The Australian Shepherd is a sturdy, hardworking, versatile dog with superior intellectual prowess and natural herding ability. While there is no such thing as a part-time Aussie, with the right owner this happy, funny, devoted breed can be a wonderful part of the family.
The Australian Shepherd will help you raise a healthy well-behaved canine companion.

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Or anywhere dog books are sold.


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