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Obedience Dumbbells


Dumbbells are available in 26 standard sizes, with custom sizes available upon request.  Click here for standard sizes and measuring chart.

Each dumbbell is handmade with an oak providing reinforcement through the bells and bit for stability and durability.

Please e-mail for price and wood availability. 

Moses with his bamboo dumbbell (top) & zebra dumbbell (bottom)


                       Jiggy modeling his stylish bamboo dumbbell.


             Super model "Jiggy" with his purple heart dumbbell.

                               Moses with his bubinga dumbbell

                             Jiggs with his jojoba dumbbell

               Pony (5 1/2 mos) retrieving a custom oak dumbbell

                        Jiggs with his everyday fir training dumbbell


                                  Moses trying his new walnut dumbbell

       (Yes, that's wet grass on the dumbbell. If we didn't train in the rain, we'd never train!)


                                 Pony test drivig Moses' new walnut dumbbell


Zebra (top)      walnut (bottom)



Zebra (left)    Mahogany (right)


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